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Our team at RRP adores books almost as much as we adore plants! As avid readers of print, we wanted to find a way to share the content of our ever-growing bookshelves. After a team brainstorming session reflecting on the healthy ways we can “reuse” and give new life to things that are so often prematurely left to waste; our Book Thrift Initiative was born. Here you can find an array of gently used book titles at a fraction of their cost. 

We kindly invite you to donate your own previously loved books of any category to us at:
Round Rock Plants
P.O. Box #210

Brightwaters, NY 11718
Remember to send us your email address with your donation so we can properly thank you!

All of the book content on this page is thoughtfully curated by Ashley. Check out her book reviews on instagram! @readingwithash

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